Full body sensual massage - Portland


Nuru means "slippery".

 Nuru is a fully nude body-on-body sensual connection utilizing a specially formulated, VERY slippery, seaweed based gel, made especially for and only for Nuru. It is not an oil. It's more slippery than oil, and is nourishing for the skin but leaves no oily residue.

This IS NOT a baby oil body glide! It is a ritualized symphony of body-on-body connection, carefully choreographed with room for my expert intuition, skill, and moments of improvisation. I combine this with my familiarity with the unique attributes of the Nuru gel. It is one of the most slippery substances you are likely to encounter! 

Nuru gel is made from deep ocean seaweed, and I have sought out the highest quality Nuru gel available on the market. It is non-toxic, odorless, has no taste, is body safe, non-staining and water-soluble. 

A sensualist at heart, I relish my role as a purveyor of pleasure, especially when it comes to the unique sensual practice of Nuru. I possess years of experience that informs my approach and my desire to provide you with a complete, authentic, and satisfying experience.

The tribute for FH/NURU is 400.00 USD.  

Availability for Nuru is limited.   Arranging your visit well in advance is encouraged!

Would you enjoy some social time with your visit?  Let's enjoy some sexy flirtation, a beverage and some snacks as a prelude to, or a way to wrap up your delicious visit.   Mention you would like some social time when you reach out!  I offer social time in increments of 30 minutes, for 60/USD per 30 minutes.

Service Disclaimer: Massage Therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state licensure (OMB) I do NOT provide massage, nor any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind. If you have an injury or medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek out a licensed massage therapist.