Full body sensual massage - Portland

Erotic Relaxation

Some call it a "milking table";  I call it 


My massage table is very…..interesting!   There’s SO much more to it than just a massage table with a strategically placed opening in it, my pet.  And, you’re invited to come experience it for yourself!

Join me for my unique erotic relaxation massage offerings, where I can access your body in tantalizing new ways, and the natural assistance of gravity intensifies and prolongs your pleasure.  Combined with my unrivaled skill in the art of sensual massage, it’s a recipe for a rendezvous you won’t soon forget, and will be eager to enjoy again...and again.

Erotic Relaxation:

1 Hour $200
90 Minutes $260

Erotic Relaxation PLUS: (Featuring "L'experience Parisienne")

1 Hour $260
90 Minutes $300


Would you enjoy some social time with your visit?  Let's enjoy some sexy flirtation, a beverage and some snacks as a prelude to, or a way to wrap up your delicious visit.   Mention you would like some social time when you reach out!  I offer social time in increments of 30 minutes, for 60/USD per 30 minutes.

Service Disclaimer: Massage Therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state licensure (OMB) I do NOT provide massage, nor any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind. If you have an injury or medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek out a licensed massage therapist.